Ways to Take Care of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture products are great to have on your outdoor or indoor space. They create the most appropriate ambiance and they are comfortable. However, taking care of your wicker furniture might require some amount of effort. Here is what you need to do to take care of them:

Cleaning your wicker furniture will require you to remove dust, molds and mildew. In order to remove dust, you can just use a clean cloth and some water. Pay close attention to cleaning the corners of the furniture as these tend to accumulate a lot of dust. Sometimes, if there is too much dust, you can wash it down with water. Just make sure that you can dry your furniture as soon as possible.

When you are cleaning, you have to remove the seats. Most of them are made from foam and can get dirty quite easily. Replacing them Indoor Wicker Furniture from time to time can keep the whole furniture clean.

Never leave them wet for extended periods of time. This allows more molds and mildew to grow on the moist areas. Drying the furniture can be hastened with the help of electric dryers or blowers. Leaving them out in the open and under the sun will also work quite well. It might take several days before the furniture can be dried completely. Putting them under the shade prematurely can only damage the furniture.

In choosing for the right place to position your furniture, take into account levels of humidity and airflow. An area that is humid will support the growth of molds and mildew. Take note that having too much humidity can be damaging. But at the same time, very low humidity can also cause your wicker furniture to become brittle. Also make sure that there is enough airflow. The right place to position your wicker furniture can be near the windows or in an outside space.

Exposing your wicker items to the sun can be helpful. However, too much sun exposure can only damage the most parts. You may leave them outside of the house for extended periods of time. But, those that are placed in shaded areas might last longer. If you can expose your wicker furniture items to the sun, you should never expose them under the rain. Water and moisture can seriously damage them.

If your furniture already has molds and mildew in it, you need to take care of these once and for all. Use bleach and water to wipe off the growth on your wicker furniture. You may also gently scrub off dirt and debris off the surfaces and crevices. In order to avoid having the same problem again, you have to consider changing the position of the furniture. Choose an area that has the right humidity and the best airflow.

The surface wherein you will place them is also an important consideration. Indoor areas will not pose any problem. However, if your furniture needs to be positioned outside of the house, you have to select carefully. Make sure that you don’t directly place them on top of soil or grass. These surfaces hold a lot of moisture and this will be damaging to your furniture.