User Led SAP User Experience Design

In today’s world of SAP user experience (UX), design needs to be User Centered. Design strategy should be driven by the need to simplify the interface and make things easier for the user. This will create the best user experience possible. For the best results, you should embrace an agile approach with change driven objectives to ensure design is focused on user experience and centered around human values.

Our fast-paced world leaves people time starved and hungry for easy information access. This is where a well-designed user led experience can pay dividends for your users and company. The SAP UX needs to be grounded by simplification, innovation and process efficiency. UX designers must strive to bring real benefits to your business by designing a user led experience that blends user ergonomics and simplicity of information delivery. The main benefits of these designs innovations should be: –

• Radically improve user adoption (SAP GUI)

• Productivity gains

• Decrease user errors

• Lower training costs

• Transact optimally at the moment of decision

It is important that the development of the SAP user experience UX is underpinned by a design philosophy which presents usability and a greater context (with role-relevant tools, applications and analytics) at the point of transaction This will ensure your system delivers the best user experience possible, integrating SAP ECC, new SAP UX technologies together with the SAP Mobile Platform. This approach will regenerate SAP, introduce business efficiencies, streamline processes and provide a unified way of accessing SAP with all of the information and intelligence a user needs in order to make better decisions.

Cutting Edge Technologies Used to Deliver the Ultimate SAP UX: –

SAP Fiori (UX) and Screen Personas software ensures you have a responsive, simple UX for your SAP users. SAP Fiori also gives you an out-of-the-box SAP experience, which is a mile stone in technology designed  雲端會計系統 for simplicity. The focus is on the most commonly used business process applications found in SAP ERP, which include workflow approvals, self-service tasks, and information look-ups.

SAP UI5, this new user interface development toolkit, is based on open standards. The technology is a dream for users and boasts an impressive ‘Fiori’ style, which can be deployed across all platforms and devices maximising speed and productivity across the enterprise.

SAP Screen Personas will give you the ultimate flexibility for creating simplified SAP user experiences with a high degree of SAP GUI personalisation.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client – The Side Panels present a right-hand side pop-up window of pre-defined content. Side Panels introduce useful information in a context that creates bridges across the SAP solution to make access to information far easier.

Ciber’s SAP UX design ensures customers have simple and easy to use UX design interfaces. Giving the user an excellent user experience is key to Ciber’s user led design. To do this Ciber’s UX designers leverage SAP Fiori, SAP UI5 and SAP Screen Personas to create an outstanding user experience (UX) for your clients.