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The Tungsten Ring: The Future of Jewelry Rings


The recent release of the Tungsten ring has been very promising. It has been labeled as the future of men’s wedding rings and bands. It has an incomparable overall appeal. It has a deep black color that radiates brilliant sparkle. The jewelry industry will soon see the trend shifting to this color. As early as now, there have been a wide following for these unique rings.

The process of transforming tungsten into a magnificent ring is a tedious series of procedures. It is forged by the latest technology to render a highly sophisticated jewelry piece. Tungsten and a compound called carbide undergoes a scorching 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit to be combined together. It is then directed to a rigid polishing process that even strengthens and finishes its surface. This polishing is virtually permanent because of the resultant tough outer core. Some manufacturers even add an outer coating of diamond sheet to ensure that it will withstand daily blows. As such, Tungsten rings are proven to be scratch resistant and indestructible. All these meticulous process produces a fashionable ring that can suit both sexes.

Fashion trendsetters love the style and comfort of this ring. Its plain black color with highlight of silver streaks is very simple yet very attractive. Some jewelry shops offer a lifetime warranty. Ensuring customers that if the ring’s surface has been scratched or has been dented, they will re-polish it or even replace the ring. That’s how confident manufacturers are with the men tungsten rings materials they used for this ring. Just be sure that whenever that time happens you still have the receipt. So far there haven’t been any reports of a tarnished Tungsten ring.

Its durability is said to be far better than platinum, gold or titanium. It was known before that these three metals are the toughest in the jewelry world but with the coming of tungsten, things have suddenly changed. Other metallic rings will eventually have denting or surface marks after some time but tungsten is proven to maintain its original surface even when worn daily. The shine and luster is actually permanent, that’s a guarantee proven by those who already have one.

These qualities of a tungsten ring have made it the top choice for wedding ring or wedding band. Its timeless durability speaks of an everlasting love, loyalty and faithfulness. It embodies the vow shared by lovers in the most special day of their loves. It’s radiant polish characterizes the blissful life ahead. And its circular shape attests the perpetual endearment they have for each other.

In terms of fashion sense, tungsten rings have a versatile quality. It can go well for both sexes. There are designs that have been made women-friendly. Usually these rings contain gold or silver patterns which have combined with it during the whole process, this ensures that it will neither get loose or be damaged. The main setback for women’s tungsten rings is that it may not look great for a formal wear like gowns. On the other hand, the tungsten rings for men perfectly blends with any attire. This looks stunning with coats as well as in casual wears like jeans and shirts. Many trendsetters have now slowly adapted this newest addition in the jewelry world. It is really not impossible that someday all rings will have a tungsten element in them. If you’re planning to get one, go ahead this is definitely for you.

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