The Difference Between LEDs, LCDs, Plasmas, 3D TVs and Rear Projections

The Different Type of TVs You Can Buy

Plasma- Plasmas are kodi 911 not working still some of the most expensive models on the market. They have high refresh rates and produce an amazing black level performance giving you a very realistic picture quality. Even though they produce a nice picture, it uses a lot of energy and won’t necessarily have the best picture in a bright room.

LCD- In recent years these have become the most common televisions on the market. They came out as a cheaper alternative to the Plasma and while they don’t produce as good of a picture quality as a plasma, it still comes out with a great picture that everyone can enjoy. It has similar problems with the bright rooms but requires a lot less energy consumption and comes with a much smaller price tag.

LED- LED televisions use much less energy and have ultra slim models. They are great for anyone looking to find a less conspicuous television in their house. However, their slimmer size comes with a higher price tag and their picture isn’t very different from the less expensive LCD.

3D- 3D televisions are the newest TVs to hit the market and might leave consumers more confused than they already were about which TV to buy. These televisions have high refresh rates and give you a picture in 3 dimensions and are much better than those 3D pictures you used to see with those plastic glasses. Their still going to be working to improve the kinks in these televisions and they aren’t as expensive as you might assume. The real extra costs come with having to purchase special glasses depending on which brand of TV you buy, you can’t use another brand of glasses with an opposing brand yet. Also, there aren’t a lot of viewing options. There are only a few Blu rays available (you will have to buy one that is compatible with 3D and there are even fewer options on TV. However, many stations like ESPN have promised to deliver stations that are 3D all the time in the near future.

Rear Projection- When you think of a big screen TV this is probably what you are imagining. These are big, and generally bulky TVs that can be well over 60 inches. Anyone searching for the biggest TV they can for the lowest price they can, will love having one of these. Just make sure you have a space in your house that it fits in because you won’t be hanging one of these on the wall.