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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: Things to Have On It


As a home owner one comes across a number of issues, and maintenance consumes a major part of the expenditure that you do on a regular basis. The best part about maintenance is that the more organised you are the better it gets. You need to follow a regular cycle to ensure that you make the most of it while you can and avoid any issues from getting out of hand.

Being a homeowner is a task in itself and if you are not thorough with your maintenance, then it can become an uphill one with minor issues escalating, branching into other sub domains and making it harder for you to take care of your beloved home. For instance plumbing and plumbing maintenance is a major concern for almost every home owner and without a good system it won’t take time for you to get fed up of something that you considered one of your most prized possessions.

Before you start with your plumbing maintenance process make sure that you have a checklist that has all the components that need to be checked for any possible leaks or any other such problems. Let us Seattle Plumber take a look at all the components that are a must to have on your list.

Water supply and waste outlet: Start with the inlet and outlet of your house. Check the water pressure at the main water supply that enters your house and inspect for any leaks. Move over to the disposal system and thoroughly check for any leaks and blockages. Once you are done with it, make sure that every component is in a perfectly working condition and replace any components that are not fit or might give in unannounced.

Drains: When you check the drains, ensure that they are perfectly sealed and that none of them is broken, since that can be a potential window for pests and insects to enter your household. Also make sure that none of them is blocked and if in case that happens unclog it at the earliest.

Shower heads and taps: This can be a tricky part and it would be great if you hire a professional to replace any broken or leaking parts. If you plan on doing it yourself then don’t just go about replacing every tap and showerhead in the house. Look closely for any cracks and use a sealant to fill minor ones.


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