Picking the perfect Women Laptop bag

our 17″ notebooks around the same time. Actually, I had just ordered my own from Dell when she walked in with her new HP computer. It’s a good thing I had ordered my own already, the new laptops with the wide screens are way cool.

Even though I aquired the laptop with the idea of taking it with me when i traveled, the one solution Used to do not consider was buying a special laptop bag. I figured I would just input it in my old college book bag and call it good. But she had a really cool laptop bag, and I recently couldn’t get it out of my mind.

On my first trip away with my new computer, I discovered a few flaws in using a regular book bag to carry the laptop around. This made me want a new women’s laptop bag even more!havells gas geyser

First — it was not protected very well. I had to make my own laptop bag soft cushions by putting my extra clothes around the laptop because I didn’t want my water bottle and other items to scratch it — or worse yet, trickle on it. This made it a little hard to take the laptop in and out of the bag when i wanted to use it on the aircraft. When this occurs, I thought why not a laptop sleeve would come in handy.

I soon found out that even though my friend had a cool laptop bag, it was also a lot more functional than my regular book book bag. Of course, I had to do a lot of research before I settled on my first laptop bag, and since i wanted a really cool laptop bag there were lots of things to consider. If you’re looking for a laptop bag — in particular a cool women’s laptop bag, here are a few things to bear in mind when selecting and purchasing your cool laptop bag online:

>> What you may not need? You will discover as you start to look over the available women laptop bags that there are a lot of choices, so you need to first decide what kind of women laptop bag you want. This will make your shopping go much faster.

Decide if you want a book bag type bag, or a messenger laptop bag (which translates to it is carried on the shoulder). Do you need a running laptop bag — If you have a 17′ laptop like my own, which weighs about 9. 3 pounds, it might get a little heavy in a book bag. Depending on your strength and capacity to carry that load on your back, you might want to think about a running laptop bag.

>> Soft sided laptop bags versus. hard sided laptop cases: There are a lot of cool women’s laptop bags out there, but if you’re going to use your laptop bag to carry your laptop to meetings, you might want to keep the tone down a little, and think about a hard sided case. This will make it look a lot more like a briefcase and help you stand out as being more professional.

>> How much Does it Weigh? Last but not least, be sure to check on how much the bag weighs about. Like I said, my laptop is over 9 pounds, and the women’s cool laptop bag that we almost bought assessed a little over 3 pounds. That’s a lot of additional weight to carry around for only a laptop carry bag. I choose instead a lightweight women laptop bag, over a heaver leather bag (that’s just personal preference, of course). The lightweight pink laptop bag still had enough protection for my laptop, as well as enough space for my accessories, water bottle, extra clothes and a few snacks — and that is also very important!