If You Are Losing Too Much Money Playing Poker And Your Spouse Is Hassling You Then Read This

If your spouse is talking or asking you about the money that you’ve lost playing poker there’s a simple way to stop it for good. And it can be done in 5 minutes. Read this article now to learn what how to do this.

A main point of this article is that if your spouse is hassling you about the money you’re losing playing poker that really means that you are doing something wrong. No matter how inappropriate or unfair you think it is that they are hassling you, the bottom line is that you are not making money playing poker. You are losing money; that’s the issue.

But while you work on that, you don’t have to endure the painful agony of an annoying voice in the back of your head – or one literally coming from behind you.

I’m about to reveal to you a simple method you need to do right now to stop this happening. By the time you’ve read this article in full you’ll know exactly what to do to immediately get your spouse off your back.

How To Instantly Get Your Spouse Off Your Back No Matter How Much Money You Lost Playing Poker

First things first, please realize you are going to have to serious talk to your spouse about this issue. This talk could be uncomfortable depending on the level of 플레이포커 머니시세 communication you normally have in your relationship.

To make it easier follow this simple step by step procedure.

Step 1 – Approach them and say you need to talk about something very important to you.

Step 2 – Get them to a table and sit down next to them. Make sure you both sit on the same side of the table. Do not sit opposite them! (this creates an unconscious bond with them)

Step 3 – Reveal that the topic of conversation is about your poker game.

Step 4 – Then say ‘I know I’ve been losing some money playing poker, and it’s something I really want to get sorted out. Would you be willing to help me with that?’

Step 5 – They will say ‘Yes’, ‘sure’ or something similar. Then they almost always ask ‘What do you want me to do?’ or something like that.

Step 6 – Now they’ve agreed to help you. Note that you must have this agreement before moving onto the next step. If you don’t have them pre-agreed simply say ‘Can I ask you to do some things to help me with that?’ and ensure they say ‘Yes’.

Step 7 – Gently explain to them that you are suffering from their comments. Say things like ‘it makes me feel distant from you’ or ‘when you get mad at me, it just makes me play worse and not even enjoy myself, which is the whole reason I play poker because I love it.’

Step 8 – Usually they will immediately sympathize with you and say “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were getting so down about it’ and in some form or another they will agree to get off your back.

Step 9 – If they don’t, and they get argumentative with comments like “Well don’t lose so much money then!’ or similar, you need to deflect back around to Step 4. Literally say the same thing again ‘I know I’ve been losing some money playing poker, and it’s something I really want to get sorted out. Are you willing to help me with that?’ Ensure you add the emotional emphasis of Step 7 ”when you get mad at me, it just makes me play worse!’ etc.